Review : It’s Skin – Power 10 Formula PO Effector [Oil Control, Pores Tighten]

I do have oily skin & huge pores problem. Hence I have been searching up and down for the correct essence / serum to improve my skin even just a little.

Introduced by my friend, I logon to Hermo and I found this…

It’s Skin – Power 10 Formula PO Effector which tackle especially for oily skin & pores problem.

This is my first bottle, using halfway now. I can see significant improvement on my skin.

Face’s oil secretion is improved as well. I apply twice a day (morning & night), everyday, two peas size of pump each time. The serum is concentrated however it is not sticky after applied onto face.

It’s Skin has 10 types of serum that suit best your skin.
I have just bought another It’s Skin serum, Power 10 Formula Q10 Effector.
Shall review it soon :)

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Kedai Makanan Yut Kee

aka Yut Kee Kopitiam / Yut Kee Restaurant, located at Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur.

On one Sunday morning four of us (Manson, Venice, Eric & myself) decided to wake up earlier than usual and head down to city for its roast pork. It is an old schoold Hainanese kopitiam serving typical chicken chop  / pork chop / beef with their very own Hainanese sauce – brown sauce (oyster, ketchup and Worcestershire with onions, potatoes and frozen peas carrot & corn).

The famous roasted pork!
You can see from the picture, or probably you already feel the crunchiness of the skin in your mouth. It is nicely roasted, the meat is just right and it’s juicy when you chew. Served with apple jam, western kind of thing.

Meat lovers, here you go ~

Be sure you add this (Lea & Perkins Worcestershire sauce) to boost the taste of your selected chop! It depends on individual, for me I like it to be added to each of the dishes in above picture.

Hainan style roti bakar ~
Nothing special it is just that, I love toast 😀

All in all, you get to taste the oriental Hainan food in a busy city. Probably because of it’s age-old interior, I feel like I’m in Ipoh old town street having breakkie with my family :-)

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Standing Theory @ SS2

I was craving for waffle and I was in PJ area.
So the foodie me typed “waffle in pj” in Google search bar via Safari in my phone.

A few of turning left & right, the place is kinda easy to find using Waze.
Looking at the cafe’s name, I literally thought it’s a standing cafe or with bar stool chair kind of thing. Upon arrival, I see about 3 sets table outside for smokers. Interior design of the restaurant is very simple, minimal creativity, using some old school chairs & old kind sewing machine chair.. Overall the ambiance is simple, tidy & clean.

We shall focus more on the food instead -:- CAKE & WAFFLE

B.B.C. Waffle – RM 13
Crispy home made waffle topped with banana, bacon & ice cream with gula melaka … You may find it weird combinations of sugar and salt, but you’ll definitely NEVER regret on this combination

Hazelnut Chocolate – RM 11
I saw quite a number of people ordered this. And so happened my friend picked this piece of cake. It’s quite moist, not too sweet.

All in all, definitely will revisit here again.

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American Apparel

Founded in 1989, it focuses in producing essential clothing items which are high quality and comfortable clothes to be worn every day for both men and women.

Today’s American Apparel, we can see they have expanded their collection which includes leggings, leotards, tank tops, dress, pants and accessories in various colours and prints for men, women and kids too.

They kick started their business in the fashion industry as a wholesaler selling basic and printed t-shirts before they decided to venture into the retail market, risking the possibility of fading into the background as many fashion businesses do.

Now they are one of the most successful fashion companies and have made million dollars by exporting ‘Made in USA’ goods around the world. The team knows consumer well by providing high quality items and this probably is one of many keys to their success. American Apparel’s collection of basic clothing is to die for and absolutely a must-have in your wardrobe!

I’m pretty sure this label is going to be your next favourite. Check out their simple but glamorous selection of clothes. Get them online at Zalora’s online fashion store today. Shop for your favourite basic t-shirt at the best price in Malaysia online without having to go out and do it comfortably from home. Score the hottest looks and fashion trends with them and start shopping for your favourite item!

Now what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE AND START SHOPPING

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Burps & Giggles

Looking for a place to chill? How about with add ons of outstanding interior designs in a café?

Burps & Giggles it is, located in Ipoh along old town street just behind Sekeping Kong Heng. It’s pretty easy to find since it’s facing the main road.

Opened by Julie of Indulgence, B&G is supervised by her son and his wife.

Quite an interesting place because the restaurant is revamped from the colonial-era buildings.

This restaurant has quickly become tourists’ hotspot after a few months for its unique designs inside out.

Every first week of the month they will have a mini flee market where partially of the profits will be donated for charity purpose.

The unique artsy ambiance with few antique decorations, plus the food with a coffee in a steel cup had made me sat there for at least 2 hours.

93& 95 Jalan Sultan Yussuf
30000 Ipoh
(Estimated at 4.596488 , 101.07733)

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Container Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

I’m more than grateful that am given a night stay in this concept hotel located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Inspired by “Kyosho Jutaku”, it means living large on a tiny footprint, by building a nice and compact house utilising only a very small space in Japan. This inspiration further incorporated the ideas of green feature using recyclable materials and architecture design to develop their very own ‘Container’ Hotel.

source: tripadvisor
Ain’t you attracted by the outlook itself? They have room with or without toilet attached and dorm. Check in anytime as the reception operates 24 hours and equipped with free WiFi.

Common bathroom & basin. It’s clean. FYI, I have minor OCD when it comes to shared toilet and I still can accept it.

Common hangout area

I choose to stay in room with toilet attached, ground floor of the orange color painted container in above picture. The room is decent and clean. It feels tight at first when I get in. However the feeling quickly gone as the room is comfortable enough for two persons. Moreover I’m staying alone. The room has universal wall socket which I think it’s really convenient to traveler from other country without having the hassle to get a universal plug to have their gadgets charged.

The rooms opposite mine, I call it barrel room. Single occupancy. You still can squeeze in two persons if you both are intended to hug and sleep together. Increase the intimacy level in between among you & her or you & him, good idea?

The room rate (RM 70++ – RM180++, depend on which room type and best available rate of the day) is with breakfast inclusive. They serve toast with kaya & butter; purpose is to give a taste of local life experience to foreign traveler.

Located in between Renoma Cafe and Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie, you could have your teatime/meal within walking distance of 5 minutes.

Location address: No 1, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-2110 4388 /

I had a great staycation experience here; a quick escape within a city. You would have all your own time here provided if you’re staying alone.

I love how my weekend spent like this… It’s a blessing 😀

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Dataran Merdeka

Aaron and I decided to go out for a random photoshoot in KL area during the weekend.
It has been a while. Good to have my time spent with things I liked.
We picked Dataran Merdeka. Quirky enough?

We went to try Tous Les Jours right after.
In my opinion, it is for its ambiance..

The bread is soft, however I prefer The Loaf / Lavender still..
Tiramisu is a big no no.. I’m not sure of other desserts but definitely no no for Tiramisu.
The dark chocolate is good but the texture is too hard / rough for my liking..

Above mentioned are my personal preference. This place is good for a tea and bonding with family and friends because of it’s environment. It is affordable. Price range for dessert is around RM 7 – 15 per piece. Somehow I think TLJ is overrated…

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I wanted to keep my hair long… Somehow can’t be helped. I went for a haircut again 😀

Mushroom fringe again! Hola!

Left or Right?

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A trip to memory lane

I miss the day when you were with me…

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You and I

I sent emails, tried to reach you via Viber, Line, Skype, Whatsapp & Facebook, but you seems not responding to me.

But I’m glad that recently you replied, “thx, u too”, and start reading my messages to you in FB.

It’s good enough. Thank you so much…

It has been 4 months since you’re in Vietnam. Also marked I’ve been waiting for good 4 months. Entering 5th month now, and still waiting.

People were asking me, why being stupid wait for a bastard like you?
I question back, do you really need a reason to love someone? If you were to say things happen for a reason, my reason is because of love.

People will judge anyway. I got no time to give a damn about it because I’m too busy thinking about doing things together with you. It could be travel, cooking, shopping, etc. I do not live my life impressing others. If I were so, I would be very tired. Might as well just live life impressing myself. Daydreaming or whichever word you may say. Never underestimate people who dreams.

Take it as a test, a tough one. This trained my EQ as well.
With all these obstacles, I understand a lot about life.

Honestly, you left me just like that and I didn’t blame you which I surprised myself. Past me definitely will curse you 999 level. Maybe it’s because of love? I certainly understand your situations and come to think of it, you actually spoken to me before about it. That’s your wish, I am here to support with all I can no matter what.

I sincerely hope, all these ignorance ends, you and I will be together again.

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