Old time barber shop

Now we tend to go high-end saloon for a professional hairstylist to style our hair.
What about in olden times?
Where the school children, especially boys go to get their haircut done?

This barber shop is actually belongs to my grandpa. It has more than 40 year’s history.
It located in Pusing, Perak.

I took these pictures during CNY this year.

01. Do I call up any of your memory?

02. In the process of shaving.

03. The tools used to perform his works.

04. The chair

05. Filing cabinet. My grandpa used it to put all his stuff inside.

06. Old-style saloon for lady

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0 Responses to Old time barber shop

  1. fiona06 says:

    woah~ the chair can turn and become horizontal. I don’t think any of the modern ones can do that

  2. erwinator says:

    that is very touching. you must be very proud of your grandfather :-)

  3. kenwooi says:

    i dont go to professional hairstylists at all.. mine always rm15.. but not old time barber place la.. =)

  4. susan says:

    wow…u will get a free when u gt haircut there~got old feel, can take unique pic in the shop, cool

  5. jfook says:

    Wow, really oldd..

  6. wen pink says:

    oh the good old days!! btw, nice pics!! ur photography skill is good! keep up the good work girl!

  7. xiaopei says:

    Yea. It’s rare to be found.

    Thankiu :)

    My grandpa charge less than RM15 xD

    TQ 😉


    wen pink:
    Aww.. Thanks :)

  8. Joey says:

    my grandpa own this kind of barber shop too…remind me so much about him

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