Eat in Malacca

I remember 10 years ago I went to an eating place where they served superb cendol. I also remember that my family and I had two bowls each. I remember to get into this little restaurant I had to walk few steps of stairs.

I’ve been searching for this place whenever I get to go Malacca. And finally! I found it!

Thanks to Ashley for guiding me… :)

01. It’s Donald & Lily :)

02. That’s the nyonya cendol I’ve mentioned. Due to health matter, I had only one bowl this time. The taste is still the same. Still as strong as last time. The taste is still unique for its gula Melaka. Beat all at Jonker Street.

03. Nyonya laksa. Slurrrpsss!

04. Now let me pose a bit … hehe =D

05. Next, all time favorite in Malacca, chicken rice ball. This time I went to this one… *Chinese translator needed* located few shops next to San Shu Gong.
Click here for my previous visit to another chicken rice ball

06. And I prefer this shop’s chicken rice ball.

07. Besides rice, chicken also nicer for its taste, smoother and slurrrpsss ^^

08. I finally had Nadeje’s mille crepe!!! Whoops, sounds jakun but yeah.. Original is the best! However, still thumbs up for the rest except that …. dunno what cake it is at 2 o’clock position in the picture.

09. Nonetheless, celup-celup at the famous Capitol Satay!
010. We queued for about an hour.
011. *wink* was busy eating.. hehe

I enjoyed the trip very much! Plan to go Penang next. Anyone? 😉
Kuantan food trip post shall be the next. Stay tune!

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3 Responses to Eat in Malacca

  1. ken says:

    malacca is the best place to eat! 😀

  2. hildamilda says:

    So nice going here and there for makan2 trip! I miss nadeje’s mille crepe :s

  3. FiSh says:

    Donald and Lily? i havent heard of this before :) would like to try it someday

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